How do we create an anti-racist LGBTIQ movement?

During the year, racism in society has received more and more attention. In this talk, we want to address the racism that exists within the LGBTIQ movement. How do we create an anti-racist and inclusive LGBTIQ movement? We will also talk about RFSL’s new podcast Q-Studion ( and RFSL’s ongoing anti-racist work.

This talk is arranged by RFSL’s anti-racist project funded by MUCF – Swedish Agency for Youth and Civil Society.

The talk will be held in English

Accessibility: Texted in English

Participants: Deidre Palacios (President of RFSL), Kristina Ullgren (Projekt manager RFSL), Elias Artur Fjellander (coordinator of RFSL:s anti-racist membership network), and Mwanje Ivan Kigoonga (coordinator of RFSL:s anti-racist membership network).

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